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Our brands

We at COLORFOOL try to look for great design at an affordable price.

Great quality and nice shapes by young brands.

Furniture and accessories to make your home fun, colorful and pretty, without making your wallet cry.

Fest Amsterdam

We believe that beautiful, well-designed products can make people happy.

That’s why we make high-end design accessible for a larger audience. We challenge the traditional furniture business ánd ourselves. We dare to be, act and choose differently.

FEST was founded in 2013 (the same year as COLORFOOL) from a personal need for well-designed furniture without the high-end prices.

Owner Femke Furnée decided to fulfil this need by designing affordable furniture and home accessories herself.

FEST was born.


Dutch design narrowed down to a collection of essentials.
A tasteful range of furniture and accessories made by Dutch design’s finest.

Puik selects and coproduces, showcases and delivers.
Straight from the source to liven up your home, or spice up any workspace.


Our designs are made for the picky, the choosy, the quality conscious and the socially aware.

Because that’s our whole philosophy right there; Our designs are tailor-made just for you by some the finest craftsmen in Europe.

You can have each design however you want it, by choosing your favourite model in the perfect size.

Made from your preferred sustainable material in the most beautiful fabric and colour.

Available in a thousand ways, and that one special way that fits you. Only you.



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For your and our safety we will be working

only by appointment during Covid 19.

We will keep you posted on this!


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